Achieve Total Cash Flow Control

Tesorio’s Cash Flow Performance Platform seamlessly integrates with leading ERPs, CRMs, billing systems, data lakes, and more, enabling finance and other teams to connect and collaborate.

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Your cash flow is disconnected because you have data distributed across many business and financial tools. With Tesorio’s robust integrations you can change that. Imagine real-time insights, company-wide visibility, and all of your financial data feeding into one place.

Benefits of connected finance

  • Connect finance, sales, and customer success for improved customer experiences and cash flow.
  • Easily access a unified, consistent view of all data that impacts cash flow.
  • Quickly and easily create reports connecting all of your data sources.

Tesorio works with any data source.

Regardless of your financial data sources, company scale, or invoice volume, Tesorio works. Tesorio securely connects with financial data in the ERP you use, on-prem or cloud. We know that sometimes your technology needs change, you can trust that Tesorio will always adapt with you to keep your data safe, secure, and accessible.

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Supercharge your ERP investment

ERPs are invaluable tools for finance organizations to collect and store financial data. For many finance teams, they are one of their largest technology investments. Unfortunately, they just aren’t made with cash flow performance in mind. Tesorio helps you get more value out of your ERP by aggregating your cash data for a single actionable cash view of your business.

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Unlock the power of your CRM

Tesorio begins where Salesforce ends, so why connect them? Your sales and customer success teams can access and provide valuable insights into customers’ financial health. With Tesorio as your financial CRM, sync that information so your collectors know where to take action.

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Streamline collections with payments

It’s one thing for your customer to receive an invoice, but to actually have them pay on time is a whole other ballgame. Make paying easy by including embedded payment links and a branded payment portal with our integration with Stripe.

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Sign in quickly and securely using SSO

We take security seriously. With Single Sign-on (SSO), your team members use one account across all systems — meaning better security, a more convenient user experience, and the extra security benefits SSO providers have built-in. Tesorio supports any SAML 2.0 provider including Okta, OneLogin, and Azure.

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Connect your stack with Tesorio