Customer Referral Program T&Cs

Last Updated November 15, 2022

Customer Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  • 10% commission on first-year prepaid amount only
  • Referral leads must be qualified; any spamming of the system with unqualified leads will automatically disqualify you from receiving any referral payments
  • The first person, and only the first, to refer a company will get a commission
  • Tesorio can refuse commissions if it is already pursuing an opportunity with that company
  • The deal must close within six months of the referral date
  • Tesorio can refuse to accept a lead for any reason or in its reasonable discretion if the referral source breaks the spirit of the referral program
  • The referral payment will only be issued after Tesorio gets paid by the account
  • The individual referral can't promise anything on Tesorio's behalf, misrepresenting the product or company, etc.
  • There is a referrer cap of $50,000 per year regardless of how many leads you submit
  • Tesorio reserves the right to update these terms & conditions at its sole discretion